Millennial is a term used to describe people who are approximately 18-35 years old at the current time. From consumer products to real estate, they are a very big part of purchasing made today and their likes and dislikes are strongly researched.

According to a survey conducted in 2015 by the National Association of Realtors, 32 percent of all home buyers are Millennials. They represent a very large portion of the real estate market.

As a home seller, if you are targeting this generation of buyers, this article will be helpful. Below is a general description of what Millennials look for in a home and how to stage your home to peak their interest.

Style and Characteristics

A Millennial’s style is typically more modern. Sleek and clean lines. They prefer hardwood flooring to carpet. Wallpaper is not generally favored. Stainless steel is the trend for appliances.

They live a more “green” lifestyle meaning they do what they can to have more energy efficient and eco-friendly features in their homes. They grew up with technology and it is part of their every day lifestyle.

They tend to want move-in ready situations that don’t require too many fixer-upper projects. Millennials enjoy and often host parties and gatherings. Finally they are very career driven and often find home offices to be a big plus.



As mentioned earlier, Millennials grew up with technology, it is second nature for them to check their phone when they first wake up in the morning and before they go to bed at night. Their children often have their own tech gadgets.

As you stage your home, strategically place charging stations in convenient areas of the home. If you have invested in USB wall outlets, smart alarm systems, wireless speakers or other similar devices that may appeal to this generation, do your best to show it off with home staging.


This new generation loves things to look clean. Smooth and shiny countertops with only 2 or 3 items displayed that is it! No need to have knife stands, banana hangers, toasters and other kitchen items out. Here are 6 gorgeous countertop ideas to inspire your next makeover!

Millennials also adore storage. All those beautiful closets with organized baskets you see on Pinterest are exactly what they like to see. If your home has good storage areas, clean and organize them!

Entryways are a good place to show off your organization features. Knickknacks have no place in a home staged for Millennials. Leave out a few decor pieces that coordinate with your home’s style.

Room Functions

Keeping in mind some of a Millennials characteristics, if you don’t have a home office, find a space in your home you could use to stage one. A guest bedroom, a portion of a finished basement or even a small nook or cubby can all be used to create the perfect place for the active work-from-home generation.

Since they like to entertain, make sure you stage your home so that the living and eating areas are not cluttered by too much furniture. Keep them open and airy but cozy with seating areas! Buyers will be able to picture themselves entertaining their friends! If choosing to purchase or rent furniture to stage your home be sure to invest in pieces that have a more modern style.


When choosing fresh paint colors for preparing your home for sale, neutral is a successful practice of home staging when it comes to Millennials. A neutral color palette may sound dull, but actually there are a ton of different colors out there that can transform your outdated space into something amazing!

When it comes to Millennials, adding some color here and there gives your home an edge. An accent wall in a brighter color is one option.

Look into paint trends for the season and to magazines and home decor websites, and Pinterest of course, for influence. Due to Millennials love of all things tech, they actively search the web for the newest trends.


Entryways seem to collect shoes, backpacks, jackets, keys, purses, a briefcase or two, and sporting equipment. What you are left with is life and at times it is messy. However; when you are Selling your home this area should be fresh and tidy. First Impressions are Lasting Impressions. Here are a few simple ways to organize the entrance!

Bench with mirrored frame and key hook hanging above

A bench provides a place to take off your shoes and quickly store them away. Providing functionality and easy clean-up. A bench with built in cubbies just add more storage options as well. The mirrored frame brings in light and a place to organize keys. Bringing the space together.

Hooks or Knobs

Instead of piling a bunch of jackets on 1 or two hooks, invest in a row of decorative hooks. Show buyers how useful your entryway can be! Use the hooks to hang your outerwear as well as book bags. An alternate use is to nail a row of hooks lower to the ground and hang your shoes on them! An organized entryway with hooks and knobs for coats may even compensate for a lack of closet space to a buyer!


Hall trees are common pieces used in the entryway. They are one single piece of furniture with hooks, sometimes a mirror and cabinets built-in to store things. They come in a variety of finishes and colors. If you are a handy person, try using a wooden pallet or old door to create your own entryway furniture

Baskets and Crates

The goal is to keep the entry looking clean and clutter free for home showings. Baskets are great for holding gardening gloves, slippers, & pet items; while crates are better for holding lagers items like shoes or bags. The tricky party about home showings is that they can be last minute. Cubbies or baskets, make it easy to stow away items quickly leaving the area clean and organized!


If you have children, try framing black and white photos of each child and hanging them above their own cubby or hook. This saves loads of time during the school morning rush. Everything can be organized and hung up for each child! No mixing up hats and gloves. Having designated areas for their own things can help children get in on keeping the home clean for showings!

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