Entryways seem to collect shoes, backpacks, jackets, keys, purses, a briefcase or two, and sporting equipment. What you are left with is life and at times it is messy. However; when you are Selling your home this area should be fresh and tidy. First Impressions are Lasting Impressions. Here are a few simple ways to organize the entrance!

Bench with mirrored frame and key hook hanging above

A bench provides a place to take off your shoes and quickly store them away. Providing functionality and easy clean-up. A bench with built in cubbies just add more storage options as well. The mirrored frame brings in light and a place to organize keys. Bringing the space together.

Hooks or Knobs

Instead of piling a bunch of jackets on 1 or two hooks, invest in a row of decorative hooks. Show buyers how useful your entryway can be! Use the hooks to hang your outerwear as well as book bags. An alternate use is to nail a row of hooks lower to the ground and hang your shoes on them! An organized entryway with hooks and knobs for coats may even compensate for a lack of closet space to a buyer!


Hall trees are common pieces used in the entryway. They are one single piece of furniture with hooks, sometimes a mirror and cabinets built-in to store things. They come in a variety of finishes and colors. If you are a handy person, try using a wooden pallet or old door to create your own entryway furniture

Baskets and Crates

The goal is to keep the entry looking clean and clutter free for home showings. Baskets are great for holding gardening gloves, slippers, & pet items; while crates are better for holding lagers items like shoes or bags. The tricky party about home showings is that they can be last minute. Cubbies or baskets, make it easy to stow away items quickly leaving the area clean and organized!


If you have children, try framing black and white photos of each child and hanging them above their own cubby or hook. This saves loads of time during the school morning rush. Everything can be organized and hung up for each child! No mixing up hats and gloves. Having designated areas for their own things can help children get in on keeping the home clean for showings!

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How to Save More This Summer
Replace your air filters. Clogged air filters decrease performance and make AC systems work harder. Inspect and replace dirty air filters to optimize air flow and to keep an older unit in good running order throughout the summer.

Tune up your AC. An annual maintenance check includes cleaning filters, coils and unit, and checking for foreseeable future problems. This can help the AC run more efficiently keeping utility costs down.

Check your insulation. Look for cracks and leaks in your walls, attic, crawl spaces, basement, garage and ceiling. Make sure insulation is intact to keep in cool air throughout the home.

Close those blinds and use heat or energy saving tint on windows. Eliminate the sun’s direct path by keeping blinds closed. This can make a difference of as much as 10 degrees. Tint blocks incoming heat reducing cooling costs; also reduces uv rays from damaging furniture.

Close doors. Try to minimize cool air loss through outside door openings, especially during the hottest time of the day.

Only produce heat in the coolest hours.  Run dishwasher, washing machine and clothes dryer during early morning hours or late evening. This will keep the AC unit from having to work hard during the hottest hours of the day to cool the home.

Turn off the oven. Give the oven and stove a break and grill at every opportunity. This keeps the kitchen heat outside and reduces the need to cool it.