Fall/Winter Garden Week 13

Tomato and Sage photo Week 13

Sweet Pea and Yellow French Beans Week 13

Walla walla Onion Week 13

Parsnips Week 13

Samurai Carrots Week 13

Tom Thomb Lettuce Week 13

Purple Carrots Week 13

Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Week 7

Tip of the week:

Eat what you grow. I picked my Yellow French Beans, yummy! Boil in lightly salted water for 7-8 minutes. Then saute with a touch of olive oil, dash of salt & pepper, then some garlic.

Boil Yellow French Beans with tips cut off for 7-8 Minutes.

Drain and saute beans with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic for 1 minute.


Fall/Winter Garden Week 11

Tomato and Sage

Sweet Peas and Yellow French Beans Week 11

Walla walla Onions

Parsnips Week 11

Purple Carrots, Tom Tomb Lettuce, Samurai Carrots Week 11

Pumpkin from Jack-o-Lantern Week 5

Tip of the Week:

Ever wanted to grow a purple potato, fingerling potato, or red roasting potato? Let an “eye” grow on the potato (this will be the sprout), once the eye is about 1/2 an inch in lenth cut the potato in 2 inch squares(leave out for 2 days before planting to firm up cut sides to keep from rotting once planted) and plant the section with the eye facing up. Cover with 3-4 inches of soil. Your potato plant will grow a stock and once it blooms your potatoes are ready to be picked.

Fall/Winter Garden Week 10


Tomato and Sage


Sweet Peas and Yellow French Beans Week 10


Yellow French Beans Week 10


Sweet Peas Week 10


Walla Walla Onions Week 10


Parsnips Week 10


Samurai Carrots Week 10


Tom Thomb Lettuce Week 10


Purple Carrots Week 10

Tip of the Week:

If you pick the outer leaves of the lettuce head instead of the whole head at once your lettuce will continue to produce and you get twice the life of your garden.