Fall/Winter Garden Week 5


Tomato and Sage


Sweet Peas and Yellow French Beans Week 5


Walla walla Onions Week 5


Parsnips Week 5


Samurai Carrots and Tom Thomb Lettuce Week 5


Purple Carrots Week 2 replant

Tip Of the Week:

Watering plants with cold water causes them to stop growing for a short time. If you water with warm water it keeps your plants happy and growth is quicker.

Fall/Winter Garden Week 4


Tomato and Sage


Sweet Peas and Yellow French Beans Week 4


Parsnips Week 4


Walla Walla Onions Week 4


Purple Carrots Replanted Week 1


Samurai Carrots and Tom Thomb Lettuce Week 4

Tip of the Week:

  • Aluminum foil can be used as a mulch for light-loving plants in shady areas, to bounce more light onto plants. Foil can be placed under plants- held down by rocks on corners and/or placed up against wall or fence for additional light.

Fall/Winter Garden Week 3


Tomatoes and Sage


Walla Walla Onions Week 3



Sweet Peas and Yellow French Beans


Purple Carrots, Tom Thomb Lettuce, Samurai Carrots


Week 3 of square foot gardening had a slight step back.My cat got into the Purple Carrots and dug them up. So I replanted and laid one side of a tomato cage over it. Should be good now.


Parsnips Week 3

      Tip of the Week



  • Patio Gardening is great for small spaces. Vertical is the way to go. Either build or buy a rectangular “box” 1 foot by 4 feet by a minimum of 6 inches deep.  Soil should not be regular garden soil, it should be porous.
  • Make your own soil by combining one pail each: perlite, peat moss, sifted compost, & good top soil; then add 1 cup of lime, 2 cups fertilizer, and 1/2 pail of charcoal (not from briquettes) from fireplace or even fish tanks / terrariums. This will create well drained soil for container gardening and will keep plants from getting root-rot. (Once plants are established you can lay a layer of mulch over soil; *Optional)
  • Vertical Frame: use 2 fence posts and attach a top post with wiring to stabilize. Attach posts to side of outside of garden box and along balcony railings/fence railing to keep from tipping. It should look like a top-hat. Then string wire from left fence post hooks across to the right fence post skipping every other one. This will give room for weaving your pants up and giving your plants the structure they will need.

Poblano Chili, planted in-between Samurai Carrots and Parsnips. Ready to be Picked after about 2 1/2 months.

Fall/Winter Garden Week 2


Tomato and Sage


Sweet Peas and Yellow French Pole Beans Week 2


Walla Walla Onions Week 2


Parsnips Week 2


Samurai Carrots Week 2


Tom Thumb Lettuce Week 2


Purple Carrots Week

  • This week I set my watering system to water the garden twice and let sun-rays soak  into the soil.
  • Seeds began to sprout and other grew a bit more.

Pictures taken at the end of week 2.

Fall/Winter Square Foot Garden Week 1


Purple Carrots; Tom Thumb Lettuce; Samurai Carrots Week 1


Sweet Peas and Yellow French Pole Beans Week 1


Parsnips and Walla Walla Onions Week 1


Blood-Red Tomatoes about a month old & Sage that has been in my family since they built and lived in an adobe home on the plains over two centuries ago.

  • I first prepped my garden by tilling the soil and mixing in organic fertilizer.
  • Then I divided it into different sections.
  • Chose the vegetables I wanted to plant (only plant what you like to eat) that grow well in the fall like root vegetables, lettuces, peas and beans.
  • Made my rows in the soil and dropped my seeds in.
  • Then covered them with soil.
  • I fine-misted watered everyday the first week (only took about 1 minute). Temperatures were hot that week about 100 every day, perfect week for planting; hot couple weeks before cool down.

Pictures taken and then end of First Week.